All I Want for Christmas is an ERP

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We all know Santa Claus exists.  It’s a fact.  However, did you know that it takes more than magic to ensure his operations run at an optimal level?  By using an ERP system Santa has all the tools and visibility to guarantee that the world’s (nice) children receive their presents on Christmas morning.

Electronically Manage Customer Demand

By tying in his customer requests (letters to Santa, wish lists) into his ERP system, Santa ensures that his elves know exactly what to produce and what quantities of what materials they’ll need.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Collecting time against work orders on the shop floor will give Santa a crystal clear view of how his work is progressing and how efficient his elves are operating.  This kind of visibility will allow Santa to properly allocate his resources to ensure all projects are completed by December 24.

Rework Visibility

Let’s face it: elves are only human (wait a minute…).  Either way, they’re going to make mistakes.  By associating work with machines and employees, any defective product can be traced back to find the root cause.  Less time diagnosing the problem mitigates the cost of rework and ensures problem areas are quickly rectified.

Inventory Control

Santa’s inventory levels are unparalleled.  If presents aren’t properly labeled and placed in his warehouse he may not even get out the door on Christmas Eve. To maintain this level of goods, Santa could use barcodes for all of his stock, amalgamating an entire household’s presents on one pallet to streamline the delivery process.

With a powerful ERP system (like Microsoft NAV supplemented with DMS add-ons…) Santa could easily structure his operations to ensure that Christmas Eve goes off without a hitch.  And even if Rudolph’s nose isn’t bright enough to see through the fog, he could always use his handheld scanner.   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at DMS!

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